Our Company are specialized on Cloisonne Christmas products and Internally Hand Painted Glass Ornaments; the major products are 3 inches bells, diameter 65mm balls and Diameter 75mm glass ball.

The Cloisonne product has 3 unique catergaries, there are up to 300 individual designs Christmas Ornaments: Bells, Baubles, etc Easter Eggs Pots, Vases, and jewelry.

We also supply Internally Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments, which are designed in Australia by giving us an exclusive distribution of this type of products in Australia.

Your may order the products from the color brochure or visiting us on tradeshow And you may also order from our website: www.mwglobe.com.au after registering login online Sending your order through our email address: sales@mwglobe.com.au and order fax line: 02 84157139